Grindstone 3.1.4801 Release Notes

Date: Friday, January 17, 2014
Type: Maintenance
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • The Stopwatch autocomplete dropdown now displays completed tasks as grayed out and with their names struck-through.

Changes & Modifications

  • The Move Time function no longer temporarily pauses timing while moving the active time segment.
  • The Timesheet report now displays the shortest possible representation for the month and day according to the current formatting culture.
  • The Reapply Advanced Data Entry function now automatically enters the current name of a single selected task as the default text to be used in the reapplication.
  • Grindstone’s current version number will be automatically filled in for you when you’re contacting support from the Help menu.
  • Performance has been improved for deselecting tasks and time segments.
  • Slightly improved the general performance of the user interface.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Found and eliminated every deadlock and hang reported thus far.
  • Fixed a bug in which the user’s non-standard culture and locale settings in Windows Control Panel could cause Grindstone’s reports and task alerts to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Welcome Back screen to paint over itself after away periods with intervening display device changes, console and/or power events.
  • Fixed a defect in the Task Force sync system that could cause changes to time segments subsequent to their submission not to be propagated to Task Force.
  • Fixed a defect in the Task Force sync system that could prevent proper notation of object changes.
  • Fixed a defect in which empty whitespace was being suffixed to task names in the Task List by demons (or ill-tempered unicorns if demons are offensive).
  • Fixed a race condition in which the IPC system could attempt to begin listening on a named pipe address that is already being listened on.
  • Corrected a grammatical error in the due date task alert notification.
  • Corrected a collection of errors in the Dutch translation.