Grindstone 2.0.4673 Release Notes

Date: March 8, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

Changes & Modifications

  • You can now manually configure Grindstone’s use of proxy servers when checking for and downloading updates from the Epiforge web site. The new preferences for this are available on the new Network tab of the Options window.
  • Now, when the task selector is freshly dropped down and you begin typing a search term, the current search term will be automatically cleared.
  • Grindstone will now automatically enter Travel Mode if the executing binary (the EXE file) appears to be on any of the following types of drives:
    • Removable storage devices (USB Flash drives and floppy disks)
    • New Optical devices, such as CD and DVD-ROM
    • New USB Flash devices that spoof their drive type, such as those created by U3 and PortableApps
    • New Network shares and mapped network drives
    • New Drives that do not have root directories
    • New RAM disks
    • New Drives that cannot be positively identified as fixed
  • Grindstone can now be “forced” to enter Travel Mode despite what type of drive it’s operating on if the new “-travel” command line switch is present.