Grindstone 2.0.4803 Release Notes

Date: July 17, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features

  • Rates: Charge amounts can now be fixed to a certain amount, regardless of applicable time.
  • Task List: The Task List window now remembers the size ratio of the task and time panes that the user has specified.
  • Travel Mode: Grindstone will now store previously discovered or created Travel Installations and check for their locations first when scanning for configuration transfers. This dramatically reduces the amount of time required when conducting subsequent transfers. The list of known locations can be managed manually using the new Travel Mode tab on the Options dialog.
  • Travel Mode: When performing configuration transfers, Grindstone now asks you if you’d like to manually select a path for a Travel Mode installation before it attempts to scan for one. You may choose from one of the known locations already stored, or browse for an entirely new path.
  • Travel Mode: When you use the Travel Setup dialog to create a new Travel Installation on a local disk, the setup process will automatically create a short-cut in the folder for the installation that will start it in Travel Mode regardless of the fact that it’s running from a Local Disk.
  • Travel Mode: When a Travel Mode configuration transfer is prompting about an impending overwrite, the path being overwritten to or from is now displayed.
  • Views: Views now retain the size ratio of the task and time panes of the Task List that the user has specified when they are saved.

Other Modifications

  • General User Interface: Grindstone now uses DPI-based interface scaling rather than being driven by the system font sizes. This should make Grindstone easier to see at non-standard DPI settings (such as 125%), but will cause other graphics quirks and oddities. We know this is not a perfect solution, but it will hopefully help. We will address the issue fully while constructing Grindstone 3. This change will have no effect on users in 100% or 150% DPI.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • .NET Runtime: Microsoft recently mistakenly released a bug in an update for the .NET Runtime for Windows XP and Vista users. When this bug was active in previous versions of Grindstone, it flipped out and crashed. Now, it will ask the user to download the hotfix from Microsoft’s web site. If the user chooses not do so, Grindstone will resume starting with WebAPI (the affected component) functionality disabled. This means users affected by Microsoft’s bug will not be able to perform updates or submit support requests via Grindstone’s interface until they apply Microsoft’s hotfix.
  • Rates: It is no longer possible to specify invalid block amounts, thereby causing Grindstone to crash.
  • Summary Report: The Save button now properly saves the file in the location you select rather than performing its previous behavior: jack squat.
  • Travel Mode: Travel Setup will no longer overwrite the configuration of a Travel installation when setting it up again even if there is a configuration file present in the folder of your local installation because you were fooling around with the -travel flag, which was not previously the case.
  • Task List: Fixed a bug that caused automatic task hiding based on hours and minutes (rather than days) not to work properly.