Grindstone 2.0.4885 Release Notes

Date: August 2, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features

  • Task Force Integration Phase One – Scaffold
  • Stopwatch: The Grindstone icon on the Stopwatch is now rendered with high quality bicubic resizing. This is the programming way of saying it will no longer look smudged.
  • Swift Start: Grindstone will now save it’s memory directly to disk IN ADDITION to the XML format to which most of you are already accustomed. If this binary image is available and compatible, Grindstone will read it directly into memory rather than parsing the XML of the standard configuration file. You will notice a very significant startup speed boost as a result of this. To see what we mean, close Grindstone now and reopen it. Swift Start functions in Travel mode as well.
  • Task List: Task Groups are now collapsible and expandable in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Stopwatch: It is no longer possible to accidentally maximize the Stopwatch. If your Stopwatch is currently in that state, installing this update will restore it to is proper, usable condition.
  • Task List: Rate calculations were not being done properly on the Task List (for columns and task grouping). The defect was that the Task List would calculate the value per the applicable rate for each time segment, and then sum those values. The correction is that it now sums the time segments as a whole and performs a rate calculation only once. This change only has practical effects on block and fixed rates–in which each time segment, no matter how small, could constitute its own block, or resulted in a rate’s fixed value multiplied by the number of time segment instances, respectively. While this issue was much more obvious with fixed rates, it was less so with block rates, and anyone using block rates may notice significant differences in the Task List’s calculations of applicable charges. HOWEVER, the Invoice report HAS ALWAYS performed these calculations correctly, and users that relied upon it to charge their customers have always been correct.