Grindstone 2.1.5203 Release Notes

Date: August 29, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features

  • Options: The Options window now has a Task Force tab, allowing you to control the new tip ribbon feature and the frequency at which Grindstone automatically synchronizes.
  • Save Guard: On occasion, Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be extremely brief and forceful while closing applications when they are shutting down. This has caused some users to report, on rare occasions, Grindstone failing to finish saving when they shut down or log off of Windows without exiting Grindstone explicitly. We’ve introduced a new feature that gets equally “intimidating” with Windows when it attempts to be so brash. Grindstone will immediately close itself once it has finished saving, however, and Vista/7 will continue shutting down normally and without error.
  • Task List: A tip ribbon is now displayed when the active, paired profile contains time that has not yet been submitted to Task Force.

Changes & Modifications

  • Core: Grindstone’s startup procedures have been further optimized and now run even faster.
  • Core: Grindstone now displays its shutdown procedures as it is performing them.
  • Core: Configuration and Swift Start saving operations are now faster.
  • Notifications: The width of notification windows will now stretch to accommodate longer titles.
  • Notifications: Notifications now “glow” slightly while while they are visible.
  • Task Force Pairing: The user is no longer warned about clearing out profiles that are already empty, and the warning text has been clarified to specifically indicate that only the currently active profile will be cleared.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: The official URL for the live Task Force service is now:
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Unsubmitted time segments are now shown first when the user is reviewing items not yet submitted to Task Force.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: When background synchronization fails (e.g. due to lack of an Internet connection) a notification is displayed.
  • XML Parser: The speed of the XML parser has been significantly increased.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Notifications: Notifications can no longer sometimes steal the window focus when they appear.
  • Options: Productivity Prodding has shed it’s forgetfulness.
  • Stopwatch: The Stopwatch will no longer lose it’s “Always On Top” status, ever. It still allows full screen applications (such as video games) to draw over it.