Grindstone 2.1.5233 Release Notes

Type: Hot Fix for Grindstone 2.1.5203
Status: Deprecated

Normally, we avoid publishing releases that do not contain new features or enhancements. However, the issues addressed by this release were critical enough to warrant publishing it immediately.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused if you’re not among those that were waiting for this crucial release.

Changes & Modifications

  • Crash Catcher: Whenever Grindstone crashes for any reason, the configuration is now checked to determine if automatic checking for updates is enabled. If it is not, the user is given the opportunity to immediately turn it on so that any fixes will be delivered by the update system automatically.
  • Notifications: Notifications can now be dismissed by right-clicking anywhere on them.
  • Notifications: Notifications can now be temporarily disabled by right-clicking on the Grindstone icon in the system tray and clicking “Disable Notifications.”

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Task List: The Quickly Add Time function now properly causes the time columns in the task pane to refresh.
  • Task Selector Drop Down: Dialogs opened by this control are now always opened as children of the drop down’s container control so that they cannot appear behind a top most window.
  • Update System: A compression flaw in the Scaffold update package has been corrected.
  • Welcome Back Window: The task selector drop down can no longer accidentally get stuck behind this window.
  • Welcome Back Window: A possible thread collision with the timing system that could cause Grindstone to crash when the user returned to the computer has been fixed.