Grindstone 2.1.5361 Release Notes

Date: September 7, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features

  • Break Time: This feature will remind you to take a break when you’ve been consecutively working for a period you specify. It can be controlled using the new preferences available on the Reminders tab of the Options window.
  • Gap Detector: Available in the Task List’s Time menu, this new feature searches out all the gaps between the time segments in Grindstone’s entire database and allows you to easily create new time segments to fill them.
  • Options: The time display font of all timers (the Stopwatch and Egg Timers) can now be customized to your preference on the Timers tab of the Options window.
  • Stopwatch: The Stopwatch can now display the custom field values and profile name for the task it’s currently timing. These preferences are controlled on the Options window via the Timers tab. They are both defaulted on.
  • Stopwatch: The Stopwatch can now display how much time is remaining in the task’s estimate or how much time is remaining in the work day (based on your Work-a-holic Deterrent setting) in addition to all its other time display modes. These new preferences are available on the Timers tab of the Options window.
  • Stopwatch: You can now disable the display of seconds on the Stopwatch using the new preference available on the Timers tab of the Options window.
  • Tutorial Videos: We have created Tutorial Videos for new Grindstone users, a link to which has been added under the Task List’s Help menu.

Changes & Modifications

  • Away Detection: This system will now automatically trigger (if enabled) whenever the workstation is unlocked, regardless of whether or not the time the workstation was locked exceeds the away detection setting.
  • Shutdown: This process has been optimized to remove certain unnecessary steps, thereby increasing the speed at which Grindstone can exit safely.
  • Stopwatch: The top-most heartbeat rate of the Stopwatch has been slowed from once a second to twice a minute. This is because whenever a top most flag is sent to Windows, there is a chance that focus can be altered causing menus or combo box drop downs to close.
  • Travel Mode Setup: Creating auto-run information on a removable drive is now off by default.
  • Update System: The automatic update check now performs a manifest check every three hours instead of every three days. HOWEVER, if the notification is dismissed, the next update check will still be delayed for a full three days.
  • Welcome Back: Due to a serious strong-arming by James Brown, the Welcome Back window has got its soul back (it again remains on top of other windows).
  • Work-a-holic Deterrent: This system now displays notifications rather than information boxes.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Core: Fixed a bug that could cause Grindstone to crash if you attempted to start it it multiple times at the same time.
  • Move Time: This window now properly scrolls to ensure that the initially selected task is visible.
  • Stopwatch: Background colors other than black no longer bleed through Windows Aero glass effects.
  • Update System: Grindstone now gracefully handles the case in which a user declines a UAC prompt that appears in Windows Vista or Windows 7 prior to launching an update process.