Grindstone 2.1.5424 Release Notes

Date: September 16, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features

  • Travel Update Awareness: Travel Mode can now check for updates the same way a normal installation of Grindstone can (manually and automatically). When an updated version of Grindstone is detected while in Travel Mode, you will be reminded to open your base installation and allow it to update so that you can run Travel Setup to update your Travel Mode installation.

Changes & Modifications

  • Away Detection: The functionality that considered you away when the workstation is locked has been removed and we have reverted all away detection functionality to its original implementation.
  • Break Time: This feature now always resets whenever you do any of the following single actions:
    • Return to your computer
    • Stop timing for 15 consecutive seconds
    • Dismiss a Break Time warning
  • Gap Detector: Double-clicking on gaps now automatically begins the process of assigning them to tasks.
  • Notifications: Notifications no longer display animations of any sort when the user is connected to the computer on which Grindstone is running via Terminal Services (Remote Desktop).
  • Task Editor: This dialog can now be resized and maximized. The window’s sizing grip will be displayed to embed user assistance alerting you to this change.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Notifications are now displayed when due date and estimate changes are propagated from Task Force.
  • Task List: When the Task List is opened, the list of tasks in the task pane now automatically receives focus.
  • Task List: When creating tasks using the Task Editor, the newly created task is now focused instead of the Quick Task Entry box.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Break Time: The algorithm of this feature has received some major adjustments to make it more accurate.
  • Egg Timers: Now no longer accidentally take focus from other applications.
  • Gap Detector: Can no longer accidentally modify time segments while scanning them for gaps.
  • Gap Detector: Clicking OK when selecting a task without changing the default selection will no longer result in nothing happening.
  • Move Time: Temporal columns in the task pane of the Task List window are now properly updated when this feature is used.
  • Profile Editor: Custom Fields can no longer fall out of sync and have to be resubmitted to Task Force because they were edited via Grindstone.
  • Task Force Synchronization: Defects in the time format translation algorithms of the full refresh function have been corrected.
  • Travel Mode: The obscenely obvious spelling error in the Travel Mode startup notification has been corrected.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and defect corrections have been implemented.