Grindstone 2.1.5452 Release Notes

Date: November 17, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

Changes & Modifications

  • Notifications: Notification background colors no longer pulse. This will decrease CPU usage dramatically when several notifications are on screen.
  • Task Force Pairing: The location target for pairing is now
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Grindstone now supports Task Visibility Permissions in Task Force.
  • Task List: There is now a short-cut to the Task Force web interface in the Task Force sub menu of the Profile menu.
  • Task List: Advanced Data Entry settings for custom fields now always take precedence, when applicable, over Intuitive Task Grouping (which places a newly created task in the same group as any tasks currently selected).

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Stopwatch: A bug that could (rarely) cause Grindstone to crash when a user clicked the Start Timing button has been fixed.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Custom Field retainment is now properly updated when custom field updates are transmitted. This bug was causing Grindstone to repeatedly and needlessly send the same custom field updates to Task Force.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Deleted object messages from Task Force for which Grindstone has no referent no longer cause Grindstone to create one purposelessly.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: When updates are sent/received manually via the interface, the Task Force response callback no longer illegally accesses handles not created by its thread. What does it mean? Something silly was causing crashes in beta and it got fixed.