Grindstone 2.1.5545 Release Notes

Date: December 16, 2010
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Export XML: Complete dates, due dates, and estimate values are now included in XML exports.
  • Presentation Mode: There is now a feature available that will temporarily hide the Stopwatch regardless of your normal preferences, and suspend away detection and notifications. When Grindstone is in “Presentation Mode” normal user interface and timing operations will continue unabated, but Grindstone will not interrupt presentations you’re making to others watching your screen. It is accessible via the Grindstone menu of the Task List, or from the right-click context menu of Grindstone’s system tray icon. Presentation Mode lasts until cancelled by the user.
  • Recently Timed Tasks: Grindstone now keeps track of the last 25 tasks you’ve timed in the current session. This list is accessible from the Stopwatch context menu (click the G icon or right-click the Stopwatch), the Task List’s Time menu, and a whole new button on the Stopwatch (right next to Start Timing). Clicking on a task in the list will start timing that task again.
  • Task Force Synchronizer: Connections with the Task Force subscription service are now established over an SSL-secured channel. This means that malicious people and programs cannot see the information you are sending and receiving via Grindstone to and from Task Force. If you have previously paired with the Task Force subscription service over a standard channel, the update process has adjusted the pairing settings to operate over the SSL-secured channel for you. No action on your part is required.
  • Task List: The Rate names of tasks can now be pulled in as columns and you can now also group tasks by rate.
  • Welcome Back: The Welcome Back window now has an additional option that allows you to continue timing with the task you’ve selected for what you were doing while away.

Changes & Modifications

  • Custom Fields: The name “rate” is now reserved by the data store system so that task rates can be displayed in the Task List as a column. If you already happened to have custom fields named “rate”, Grindstone will resolve the conflict during the installation of this patch by renaming any custom fields named “rate”, adding a bunch of random numbers to the end of their names. It also makes the same adjustments in your selected columns, grouping settings, and views to ensure that you’ll find everything as you left it, apart from the extra numbers. You can then rename the affected custom fields to something else using the Configure Profile window.
  • Export XML: Exported tasks are now ordered by name, and time segments are now ordered start time.
  • Export XML: Tasks are now exported even if they contain no time segments.
  • Export XML: W3C XML schema attributes are no longer attached to time segment elements. They now appear only once as attributes of the document element. Wasting space is stupid.
  • Notifications: The Notification system will now no longer display a notification if one with the same title is already being shown.