Grindstone 2.2.5732 Release Notes

Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Advanced Data Entry: You can now re-apply the custom value parsing done by Advanced Data Entry using a new command in the Task List’s Task menu or by right-clicking on tasks. When used on a single task, you will be prompted for the new text to parse. When you use this function with two or more tasks selected, it assumes the tasks are all named as you’d like them to be parsed.
  • Automatically Discard Small Timed Segments: There is a preference available on the Time tab of the Options dialog that allows you to set your preferred minimum length for time segments created by any timing activity. Note: This feature drammatically reduces clutter created by Autopilot.
  • Egg Timers: You can now manage your Egg Timer presets on the Timers tab of the Options dialog.
  • Gap Detector: The Gap Detector now supports limiting gaps displayed to certain days of the week and to the starting and ending times of your work day.
  • Merge Time: You can now select as many time segments as you like and merge them together. Merged time segments end at the latest end time of the segments compromising the merge, but possess the duration all the merged segments combined. The feature will only merge commensurable time, i.e., per each task, even if time segments from multiple tasks are selected. You will get a new merged time segment for each task. It even merges the notes of the time segments. However, Merge Time ignores time segments already submitted to Task Force. The feature is available in the Task List’s Time menu, or by right-clicking on time segments in the time pane.
  • Rates: Hourly and fixed charges can now be negative to allow for incorporating discounts into Invoices.
  • Task List: There is a new preference in the Options dialog that allows you to control whether the Profile and View dropdowns are also free form text fields. The default setting is that they no longer are. This reduces the number of clicks required of the average user to change profiles or select views when clicking in the text area of the dropdown. For users that prefer to be able to create new profiles and views by just clicking in the dropdowns and typing their names, they may go into the Options dialog to restore this behavior.
  • Timing: There is now a preference available on the Time tab of the Options dialog to have Grindstone prompt you when starting or stopping timing to enter notes for that time segment.
  • Views: When you use the Save View function and the view dropdown is blank or dropdowns are not freeform, you will be presented with a dialog to name the new view.
  • Views: When adjusting display preferences, a view that matches the settings you have chosen will automatically be selected in the view drop-down to indicate the similarity to you.
  • Virtual Screen Awareness: Grindstone will now note the current configuration of all monitors connected to the system when retaining window positions. This will ensure that notebook users that sometimes have additional monitors connected (and sometimes not) will see their preferences preserved for each unique display configuration.

Changes & Modifications

  • Digital Signatures: Starting with this update, all packages from us are now digitally signed to prevent malicious software and/or hackers from tampering with Grindstone without your knowledge. Windows will now verify the publisher as Epiforge Software when you apply future updates, or install Grindstone afresh with the setup program.
  • Summary Report: Time segment notes are now displayed in italics below the data for a time segment if there are notes. This should make it much easier to read.
  • Task Force Internal ID Exposure: This feature is now governed by a new preference available on the Task Force tab of the Options dialog, and has been disabled by default.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Crash Reports: There was a problem in the crash report submission system caused by a Microsoft platform systems change. That issue has been corrected.
  • Task List: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Move Time function to duplicate time rather than simply moving it.