Grindstone 2.2.5817 Release Notes

Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Timesheet Extended: The Timesheet report has been replaced with a revamped version that has the same capabilities of the Task Force Timesheet report. This means that it’s now custom field aware and can even condense tasks by custom field. In addition, it introduces block time rounding options. If you want to use the classic version of the Timesheet report, there is a preference available in the Options dialog to get Grindstone to revert back to it.
  • Task Force Remote Delete: The Task Force Synchronizer can now attempt to remotely delete objects in Task Force when you delete them within Grindstone. To enable this functionality, click on the new Sync Options button on the Setup Pairing dialog.
  • Task List: The performance of the Task List in dealing with large amounts of tasks has been drammatically improved.
  • Task List: The Task List now stays memory-resident, and will appear immediately when summoned after it has been opened and closed at least once in a session.
  • Task List: Task searches are now preserved when the Task List window is closed and even between Grindstone sessions.
  • Task List: “Last Month” has been added to the list of options for the “Show all time for any task” function.

Changes & Modifications

  • Summary Report: There is now a preference available on the Options dialog to get Grindstone to revert to its previous behavior of incorporating time segment notes within a column rather than below the details of the time segment.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Breakdown Report: Clicking on the condensed other items slice of a Breakdown of a custom field to display a new breakdown of just the elements making up that slice now actually works.
  • Break Time: Temporarily disabling notifications while Break Time is enabled will no longer sometimes cause Grindstone to crash.
  • Task List: The Calculate Rate function no longer displays a warning box instead of an info box alerting you that you have no tasks selected.
  • Task List: Corrected a defect when grouping tasks by When Due in which tasks due in more than three weeks could be incorrectly labeled as “Next Month” even if they were still narrowly within the current month.