Grindstone 2.2.5858 Release Notes

Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Automatic Backup: There is a new preference available under Backup on the Options dialog that allows you to backup to a specific file that is overwritten for each backup. This enchancement was added to accomedate those that already have a third-party backup occuring in a preferred folder and want Grindstone data to be included in it without generating successive backup files.
  • Task List: There is a new Print function under the Grindstone menu on the Task List. It will produce a printable report of your tasks, just as they currently appear in your Task List.
  • Timesheet Extended: The Deselect Blank Lines button from Timesheet Classic is now available.
  • Timesheet Extended: The Whole Minutes rounding option from Timesheet Classic is now available.
  • Virtual Screen Awareness: Grindstone now listens for system display events and will move its windows to visible areas of your new monitor configuration when Windows fails to do so for whatever reason (don’t ask us why).
  • Whimsy: Before this release, Grindstone didn’t have a single Star Wars reference throughout its entire interface. That has been corrected. (Each of the first persons to post how to see either a Back to the Future or Star Wars reference, respectively, anywhere in the Grindstone user interface will receive a Task Force account free for a full year for any size team!)

Changes & Modifications

  • Timesheet Extended: The Save HTML and Export CSV buttons have been merged into a single Export button. You may choose which procedure is performed by inference when selecting the file type in the Save dialog that is presented.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Automatic Backup: Fixed a crash bug that could occur when trying to generate a backup file without sufficient disk space.
  • Export XML: Fixed a crash bug that was triggered by attempting to use a custom field name containing Cyrillic or East Asian characters as an XML attribute.
  • Notifications: Fixed a crashing race condition caused by different threads attempting to access the list of active notifications on-screen.
  • Task List: The time pane default date range preference on the Options dialog stopped functioning correctly as an unintended side effect of the previous release’s Task List performance enhancements. It has been re-instated with the performance enhancements intact.
  • Task List: Fixed a crash bug in which the View combo box sometimes tried to set a negative selection length when adjusting to user filtering selections.
  • Task List: Fixed a crashing race condition caused by other threads modifying a profile’s list of tasks while it was being enumerated for display purposes.
  • Task List: Fixed a crashing race condition caused by the timing subsystem attempting to update an item in the time pane before its display initialization has completed.
  • Task List: Fixed a glitch introduced in the most recent release that prevented time segment details and summary columns in the task pane from being drawn on screen correctly when the Task List was closed during intervening data changes and later re-opened.
  • Time Note Prompting: Fixed a crash bug in which a user could be asked to enter notes for a time segment that was subsequently removed by an automatic process.
  • Virtual Screen Awareness: Fixed a crash bug in which attempts to get or set virtual screen settings failed and threw an unhandled exception.