Grindstone 2.2.5934 Release Notes

Date: January 2, 2012
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • DPI, DPI Revolution: Several changes have been made that enhance the experience of users that employ DPI settings other than the standard 100%. For example: all windows that display graphics in their backgrounds no longer have dreadfully unappealing tiling; and the date selectors on the Task List are now completely readable.
  • Stopwatch: There is a new preference available on the Timers tab of the Options dialog that allows you to choose whether the Stopwatch’s position is restrained by the working area of the screen. Disabling this restraint allows you to drag the Stopwatch over the Windows task bar. The restraint is defaulted on.
  • Timing: The preference available on the Time tab of the Options dialog to have Grindstone prompt you to enter notes for time segments when timer events occur has a new setting: you can now have Grindstone remind you both when starting and finishing a time segment to enter notes for it. In addition, the window that is shown when this feature is triggered now displays the timed task and the details of the time segment.

Changes & Modifications

  • Break Time: This feature’s tracking of user activity is now automatically reset during system power events (such when the computer goes to sleep or wakes up) and system user session events (such as when Fast User switching in Windows XP and above is used, or when the computer is locked).
  • Stopwatch: The context menu that appears when clicking on the G icon will now appear completely above the icon when the Stopwatch is near the bottom of the screen, rather than obscuring it. This means that users that prefer to keep the Stopwatch on the bottom of the screen will be able to double-click the G icon to quickly open the Task List, just as those that keep it near the top of the screen have enjoyed. There will be no further prejudice against Stopwatches of different screen orientations. 🙂
  • Task Force Sync: The pairing process no longer requires that the user discard all of the custom fields, tasks, and time segments in the profile being paired when the Task Force account also contains data. Instead, the user is warned of the possibility of duplicating data, but is permitted to have the data from both sides combined. If any duplicate data are subsequently submitted as a result, managers may use the new Merge Tasks feature of the Tasks tab in Task Force to correct this. These changes in both Grindstone and Task Force are our answer to the problem of teams already using Grindstone having to select a single user as the paradigm setter for the Task Force account and discarding every other user’s timing data.
  • Task List: Tasks currently being timed once again appear in a highlighted font and completed tasks once again appear with a strike-through.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Notifications: Fixed a crash bug in which Notification resource locks were not always retrieved before the resources were accessed.
  • Options: Fixed a glitch that prevented the complete values of the Timing Control Global Hot Key combo box from being displayed.
  • Stopwatch: Fixed a crash bug in which the attempt to access task custom field values for display in the sliding label could fail.
  • Stopwatch: Fixed a defect in which double-clicking the Stopwatch with the Task List already open and displaying a profile other than that of the currently timed task would cause all kinds of weirdness … human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!
  • Task List: Fixed a defect that prevented the Preview Notes command in the Time menu from functioning correctly.
  • Task List: Fixed a defect in which clicking with a mouse button tied to the “Start Timing and Hide” click behavior in white space in the task pane would cause the Task List window to close.
  • Task List: Fixed a minor (though wildly annoying) defect that sometimes caused the horizontal splitter between the task and time panes to slowly creep upward between Grindstone sessions.
  • Timesheet Extended: Fixed a glitch in which rounding values to Whole Minutes included unecessary decimal precision to hundredths.