Grindstone 2.2.6014 Release Notes

Date: September 15, 2013
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Grindstone now supports Task Force Private Hosting, which has just become available! Task Force allows you to synchronize your team’s Grindstone time tracking.

    Learn More about Task Force

  • Custom Fields now have a “Local Default” setting. This allows you to specify what their default value should be when not otherwise specified during task creation. It is refered to as local because Task Force does not synchronize this aspect of custom fields.
  • Grindstone now allows the user to specify the Task Force service location while pairing to accomedate privately hosted Task Force instances.
  • Due to popular demand on the part of some government agencies that felt left out of the fun, Grindstone now meets with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2) for cryptography. If you have no idea what this means, don’t worry, it means you’re a perfectly normal person.
  • The Note Prompt Dialog now has a proper tabbing order. Sorry Sheldon