Grindstone 3.1.100 Release Notes

Date: May 07, 2013
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Grindstone 3’s “look and feel” has been heavily revised to a much simpler and cleaner aesthetic. You can now select between Light and Dark themes and choose an Accent Color using User Interface preferences on the Options dialog.
  • Dutch, German, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish are now available as user interface languages. After this update is applied, you will be asked to choose your language again.
  • The Search Tasks feature of Grindstone 2 has been introduced in Grindstone 3, which calls it “Quick Search.” Quick Search looks for the term you’ve entered in the names, notes, and all custom field values of tasks. Quick Search and column filters can and will function simultaneously. Just like in Grindstone 2, when Quick Search is used, Automatic Task Hiding is temporarily suspended so that your hidden complete tasks will also be searched.
  • You can now double-click a task on the Welcome Back screen to quickly assign all your time away to that task and continue timing your previous task.
  • You can now double-click on the Stopwatch to open the Task List and select the currently timed task.
  • The calculation underlying the Automatically Hide Completed Tasks functionality (and the Time Since Complete dynamic column) has been altered to be consistent with Grindstone 2’s behavior. Now, the beginning of the user’s selected date range (rather than the current date) is used to determine the difference with the task’s completion date. This means that completed tasks will automatically reappear, the farther into the past your selected date range goes.
  • You can now drag Grindstone 3 database files from Windows Explorer and drop them on the Grindstone Task List window to open them immediately. This action will award the Hot Swap achievement even though you didn’t switch to the database by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer as the achievement describes.

Changes & Notifications

  • Grindstone 3’s core has undergone many performance and stability improvements. You will notice significant increases in speed and responsiveness.
  • The Breakdown, Grid, Summary, and Timesheet reports now only refresh automatically when data change that affects their results (as opposed to changes outside their scope or range).
  • The Welcome Back screen now only alters its temporal zoom coefficient once every six minutes instead of once every second. This eliminates the “fidgeting” of the away timeline.
  • Language selection now occurs prior to any achievements being displayed.
  • The Quick Task Entry box on the Task List and the Hourly Charge field of the Rate Dialog are no longer spell-checked inappropriately.
  • Many user interface elements now better accommodate longer text in languages other than English.
  • The Options dialog can now be resized.
  • Opening and closing the Options dialog now no longer causes the currently selected date range to be reset.
  • The System Details tab on the About Dialog now includes more information about your computer.
  • Grindstone 3 will now import local default value settings for Grindstone 2 custom fields (which are being added to Grindstone 2 in its next update).
  • The rendering method of the Task List task pane and the Task Selector has been revised to prevent artifacts and to update task positions within groups more quickly.
  • Grindstone 3’s text rendering is now display-aware, which vastly improves clarity (especially for languages outside the Latin character set).

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • A defect has been corrected that caused text entered into the Stopwatch to be overwritten while timing.
  • A defect has been corrected that was causing language pack selection to include the user’s current operating system culture even if that was not actually an available language pack.
  • A defect has been corrected in which the Task List time pane did not refresh when a filter on a dynamic column caused a task to be displayed or hidden simply as a function of the passage of time.
  • Grindstone 3’s windows now properly adjust to display settings changes that occur during system power events such as suspension, sleep, and hibernation.
  • Some omissions in the localization process have been corrected, properly applying the language pack to: the options listed by the system tray or notification area icon’s context menu, the Stopwatch window when it was first loaded, a small collection of filter operators, some items in the Task List Tasks menu, and the initial nickname text when requesting Task Force access.

Task Force Client

  • Pairing Grindstone with a privately hosted Task Force installation no longer requires the account field.
  • When pairing and refreshing, any unsubmitted custom fields with the same name as a Task Force custom field will automatically be merged with user data.
  • A defect has been corrected in which the Task Force submission dialog could accidentally display the body of a tab whose header was not visible.
  • A few other minor defects in the Task Force sync and submission systems have been corrected.