Grindstone 3.1.115 Release Notes

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Type: Feature
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

  • Italian is now available as a user interface language. After this update is applied, you will be asked to choose your language again.
  • The Stopwatch task name entry box displays suggestions that contain custom field values and notes. The Stopwatch task entry box only searches task names to display suggestions, but Quick Search is available in the dropdown displayed when the user clicks the task icon on the Stopwatch.
  • The prompt shown when the user is reminded to enter notes for a time segment now displays the task’s name and its custom field values.
  • The Task List time pane will now display the statistics of selected time segments if more than one is selected. The statistics themselves will be displayed using the emphasis color (photo negative of the accent color) of your theme when only summarizing selected time segments.

Changes & Modifications

  • Grindstone now shadow copies databases before opening them if they are stored in networked locations.
  • The efficiency of the task group rendering algorithm has been greatly improved.
  • Areas of the Task List task and time panes, and task selection interfaces that are not within the visible area because of scrolling are no longer rendered. This increases performance and decreases resource usage.
  • The delay between the last recorded keystroke and the application of Quick Search has been reduced from 500 ms to 250 ms.
  • Rates are now listed in alphabetical order in the drop down list on the Task Editor.
  • Task selection interfaces other than the Task List task pane will now stretch the first column to fill all available horizontal space.
  • The Stopwatch task selection interface now attempts the use the least amount of vertical and horizontal space feasible.
  • The Stopwatch no longer applies the last expansion state of task groupings before displaying its task selection interface, but rather performs the minimum number of expansions to display the currently timed task.
  • The Stopwatch task selection interface now automatically clears its Quick Search and delivers keyboard input focus to it when opening.
  • The Stopwatch task name entry box now displays watermark text when it is empty and selects all text when it receives input focus.
  • The Task and Time Editors now split date and time values to separate inputs.
  • The toolbars above all task selection interfaces now stretch to fill all available space and avoid overflowing, regardless of which language is selected.
  • Text boxes that accept the return key no longer justify their text.
  • Several other minor tweaks to performance have been made.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Text selection and carets are now displayed properly in the dark theme.
  • Corrected a defect that caused the Task Editor’s custom value combo boxes to discard user-entered text and/or selections under certain conditions.
  • Corrected a defect that caused the Timesheet’s columns to become skewed when copied into a spreadsheet application like Excel.
  • Fixed a bug in which attempting and failing to select a new database after having had an encrypted database open would cause Grindstone to crash when attempting to re-open to the encrypted database.
  • Fixed a translation error in Dutch.