Grindstone 3.1.4906 Release Notes

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Type: Maintenance
Status: Deprecated

New Features & Enhancements

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  • The sub system that creates and manages Grindstone’s notification area icon has been significantly updated to better support newer Windows operating systems and non-Latin character sets.
  • Scrolling performance in the task and time panes and task selection interfaces has been increased.

Changes & Modifications

  • If Windows Explorer is restarted, Grindstone will attempt to recreate its notification area icon automatically.
  • In some abnormal domain and/or group policy circumstances, Grindstone may be launched prior to Windows Explorer. When this occurs, Grindstone will wait until Windows Explorer becomes available and then subsequently attempt to create its notification area icon.
  • The task and time panes and task selection interfaces no longer lose focus when their context menus are opened.

Bug Fixes & Defect Corrections

  • Grindstone now properly re-renders its Welcome Back screen when users connect to the workstation via Remote Desktop using display settings other than those that were in effect when the workstation was locked or last connected to Remote Desktop.
  • A failure to create the notification area icon due to operating system internal error or insufficient privileges is no longer considered fatal.
  • Fixed a bug in the Stopwatch’s display of the name of the currently timed task.
  • Fixed defects in the interface that allowed user entry of dates outside the range acceptable to the data store, which could cause Grindstone to crash.
  • Fixed a localization error in the Stopwatch’s context menu.