Creating Tasks

Quick Task Entry:

Type a name into in the Quick Task Entry field and press the Enter key to quickly create a task.

Tasks created in this manner will skip past the Modify Task dialog which can be used for assigning estimates, rates, due dates, and custom fields.

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After creating a task quickly you will still be able to modify its details by bringing up its Modify Task dialog. To learn more about this, please refer to Modifying Task Details.


1. Modify Task Dialog

Note: Quickly creating tasks can also be accomplished by using the stopwatch. Refer to Using the Stopwatch to learn more about this feature.

Regular Task Entry:

To create a task and add details to it from the start, click on the Add Details button next to the Quick Task Entry field.

Filling out a task name is optional before clicking on the Add Details button, since the dialog which comes up after clicking this button will have a field for inputting a task name as well. However, if you fill out a task name here it will carry over into the Modify Task Dialog.


Creating a task can also be accomplished by right clicking in the task viewer and then clicking Create Task.


Clicking on Create Task through the Tasks menu allows for creating tasks as well.


Power users can make use of the Insert Key shortcut to create a task and bring up the Modify Task Dialog quicker than any of the other methods above.