Database Encryption

When creating a new database you can setup encryption from the start by referring to the Database Setup article.

If you change your mind later on and need to encrypt or decrypt a database, you will be able to do so with ease.

Enabling Database Encryption:

Click on Change Database Password which is found within the Grindstone menu to bring up the password setup dialog.


In the Change Database Password dialog, input the same strong password you desire in both the Password: and the Confirm password: text fields.

Click OK to confirm your changes.


After clicking OK, a warning will come up making you aware that encrypting and decrypting suspends all of Grindstone’s background operations momentarily.

If you do not want to be warned about this again, check the “Don’t warn me about this again” check box. For resetting notifications after they have been turned off, please refer to Resetting Notifications.


Disabling Database Encryption:

Disabling database encryption effectively decrypts your database. By using the steps above, you can turn encryption back on at any time.

To decrypt your database, simply follow the steps for enabling encryption above. When you arrive to the Change Database Password dialog, select the Remove Password Protection option and then click OK.

The background operation suspension warning will also come up here and will need to be confirmed before the action is completed.


Modifying Database Encryption Passwords:

To change your database’s encryption password, follow the steps above for reaching the Change Database Password dialog. Then select the “Set the password” option, input a desired password, and click OK.