Using the Egg Timer

Grindstone has a handy built-in egg timer which can be accessed at anytime through the Grindstone menu:


The Egg Timer Settings dialog allows for the selecting or saving a preset, as well as setting the desired length of a timer and its finish alert:


After clicking OK on the Egg Timer Settings, a timer such as the one below will appear:


Clicking on the red stop button dismisses the Egg Timer, which can be brought up again through the Grindstone menu at any time.

Clicking on the green button brings up the settings for the current timing preset in which you can change the timer’s finish alert and finish time:


Eventually when your timer goes off your alert text will show up in the Finish Alert. If no alert text was set then you will see an empty alert window. However, it will still require clicking OK to dismiss.


Editing and Deleting Egg Timer Presets:

To access the Egg Timer preset editor, navigate to the Grindstone menu and then click on Options.


In the Options panel, use the Egg Timer Presets editor as desired to create new timers as well as modify and delete existing ones.


Click OK to finalize your changes.