Manually Adding Time

Note that Grindstone has a stopwatch feature which makes it easy to time tasks as you work on them. To learn more about using the stopwatch, visit Using the Stopwatch.

Quickly Add Time to Tasks:

Right click a desired task and then click Quickly Add Time to bring up the Quickly Add Time dialog:


This dialog will accept an amount of time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

If the time is 5 PM when an hour is quickly added to a task, the time segment will be recorded as having started at 4 PM and as having ended at 5 PM.


Manually Adding Time to Tasks:

If the nature of your work requires to precisely record when time segments begin and end, manually add time by righting clicking on a task and then clicking Manually Add Time.


The Manually Add Time dialog which appears allows for selecting a date/time for the start and end of a time segment.

Notes can also be added using this dialog: