Modifying Task Details

The Modify Task dialog is automatically displayed while creating a task, except when it is created using the Quick Task Entry method. For more information on creating tasks quickly and regularly, please refer to Creating Tasks.

Tasks that have already been created can have their details modified at any time by following the directions below.

Accessing the Modify Task Dialog:

Right click on a task and then click Modify Task in the menu that appears. Clicking on the Modify Task clipboard button in this view will also accomplish the same thing:


Another method available for modifying tasks is by clicking Modify Task through the Tasks menu.


The quickest way to modify a task is by clicking on it in the task viewer and then pressing the Enter key.

Using the Modify Task Dialog:

Once this dialog is brought up it can be used to assign task estimates, due dates, rates, and notes. It can also be used to modify completion dates and task names, as well as adding custom fields: