Resetting Notifications

Grindstone will ask you to confirm your actions when a notification is appropriate. For example, deleting tasks is a permanent action which requires a confirmation on your part before Grindstone will continue.

If you do not want to confirm such actions every time, you have the option to check “Don’t warn me about this again” when prompted for confirmation.

3-23-2015 7-49-15 PM

If you accidentally check this box or decide that you want to turn notifications back on, you can do so by navigating to the Grindstone menu and clicking on Options.

3-23-2015 7-40-25 PM

In the options panel, click on the User Interface section and then click the “Reset ‘Don’t Ask Again'” button.

3-23-2015 7-41-06 PM

Lastly, confirm your changes by clicking the OK button.