The Task Viewer

The default view only displays the name and total duration columns of tasks. This is done deliberately so that you may build onto your view by adding only the metrics that matter most in your work.


Grindstone can accomplish so much when it comes to task organization. This article is dedicated to sharing those features with you so that you may utilize Grindstone in the best way possible.

Viewing Other Columns:

Enabling desired columns is possible through the View menu. This menu allows you to display a variety of static and dynamic columns in your Task Viewer:


Below you can see how the Task Viewer looks when the “Estimate” and “Client” Custom Field columns are displayed:


Grouping Tasks:

To group tasks by their columns, drag the desired column into the grouping area of Grindstone. More than one column can be dragged in the grouping order you need:


Also note just how much the Task Viewer has transformed from an overwhelming list of tasks to a well-organized layout by just enabling a few columns and then grouping them.

Saving Views:

To save your grouping of tasks and column arrangement, click on the Save View button:


Loading Views:

Click on the View selection drop-down and then click on your desired view.


Deleting Views:

Click on the View menu and then click Delete View to delete your current view from the View selection presets.


Automatically Hide Completed Tasks:

To learn how to automatically hide completed tasks, please refer to Hiding Completed Tasks.

If you wish to view tasks that have been automatically hidden you may do so by referring to the Viewing Completed Tasks article.