Using the Stopwatch

Before beginning to use the stopwatch, it must be enabled in the Grindstone menu drop-down:


With the stopwatch enabled the next time you begin timing a task, a stopwatch interface will appear above all other windows. The task’s name and the amount of time that has passed since beginning to time it will be displayed within the stopwatch interface:


To stop timing a task, click on the stop button indicated by the red square. Once a task stops timing the task name field will be cleared of its name:


To begin timing a task again using the Stopwatch, simply click on the Clipboard button and then click your desired task for timing:


Quickly Create a Task Using the Stopwatch:

In Grindstone it is possible to create a task directly from the stopwatch by clicking inside the task name field, typing out a name, and pressing the Enter key.


Quickly creating a task using the stopwatch will not bring up the Modify Task dialog which allows for adding extra details to it. To access the details of a task later on, please refer to Modifying Task Details.