Viewing Completed Tasks

If you have enabled the automatic hiding of completed tasks, tasks which have been completed for a certain period of time will be hidden. Grindstone’s user interface will not display automatically hidden tasks in its task viewer. However, you can still manually view them whenever desired.


To view completed tasks, select a date range in the Task viewer which precedes the completion date of your tasks.


For example, a task completed on 24rd will not show up in the task viewer if the date range is set between the 23rd and the 23rd. To view tasks completed on the 23rd, you would have to set the date range to begin with the 22nd or prior.

Selecting a date range can also be done in regular time increments such as “Last Month” or “This Year” using the hourglass drop-down:


Clicking on the Time drop-down menu and then clicking on the “Show All Time for” menu item will bring up these same time range options.