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Your time is your most valuable investment – invest it wisely with Grindstone

What is Grindstone?

Grindstone allows you to time tasks on the go so that you can spend your time where it matters most. It is extremely customizable and designed to blend into any workflow.

In addition to offering time tracking, reporting, and reminders, Grindstone also detects when you’re away from your computer and asks how to allocate your time when you return.

Grindstone has many features designed to boost productivity ranging from charges and rates to power tools: and they’re all free!

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What users are saying.

Overall Grindstone is easy to use, which means that you do actually record time against tasks and get a much more accurate figure for how much of your time an index took.

James Lamb

Keeping track of your work shouldn’t be a job in itself, but sometimes it feels that way. Epiforge Software offers a free app that can help: The Grindstone task tracker.

Liane Cassavoy

The verdict: this is an excellent program that brings a host of tools and functions together in one place and in a very nice way. As far as I know this is one of the free best programs out there of its kind.

Samer Kurdi